Hey, I’m Amy! I’m VR/AR Developer currently working in Sydney, Australia! My current work is in a generalist role, but I’m particularly passionate about developing character rigs for animation!

I’ve had the chance to develop rigging tools in Python to speed up processes for both myself and my team, and I can comfortably navigate code written in python. Additionally, as a result of working in interactive media, I have experience writing code in C#. I’m most confident, though, in my ability to learn - Over the course of my career I’ve needed to adapt to a range of situations in which I’ve relied heavily on my ability to learn new things under pressure.

My passion is telling stories, stemming from a lifelong interest in art - I find I thrive the most in team of creatives working towards a project that they’re passionate about. I believe in the power of animation to tell important stories and affect a viewer on a deep and significant level.

I’m skilled in: Autodesk Maya, Photoshop, Substance Painter, ZBrush, Unity, Python, C#

I'm contactable by email at amybuc6@hotmail.com



Places you can find me:


Sketch/Doodle Blog