Hi, I'm Amy! I'm a 3D Artist and Illustrator with a passion for Game development and interactive projects! I graduated with a Bachelor of Media Arts (with Honours) from the University of New Sound Wales in Sydney, Australia in 2017.

I've worked on a broad range of projects, creating 3D assets for a VR data-visualisation experience for the HTC Vive, and an educational computer game, as well as working as a concept artist on mobile and VR games.

I have a passion for art that goes hand in hand with a passion for storytelling, and it culminates in an interest in narrative-driven projects such as film, TV, comics and video games. I'm interested particularly in the areas of character and environmental 3D art, as well as concept art and visual development. I'm also skilled in rigging and animating 3D characters.


I am experienced and proficient with the full adobe creative suite, with particular skill in Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere, as well as Autodesk Maya, Unity, Substance Painter, ZBrush, and Mudbox.

I'm contactable by email at amybuc6@hotmail.com

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