DownUndAR is an AR game in which users collect and take care of Australian animals, which they can view in the real world in the form of an AR sanctuary! A playable Demo of DownUndAR is downloadable from the Google Play store and iOS App Store.

I was responsible for some 3D Art, as well as all rigging and animation in the project. This meant collaborating with the character artist on the project on matters such as poly count and topology.

Additionally, I was responsible for the AI of the animals, working on developing a behaviour for them that allowed them to wander around the sanctuary at random, and also react to each other.

Below are samples of the 3D works I completed as part of the project - I was largely responsible for environmental assets, such as animal toys.


Throughout DownUndAR, I developed a number of rigs for quadruped animals. Pictured are a few breakdowns of each rig.