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Junction Works :: The Power of the Dream

[Live motion Capture performance]



As part of an annual show put on by the Junction Works, an organisation that strives to create opportunities for people living with a disability, I was one of the co-directors in a team creating a live-action motion capture performance, for the finale of the show. A performer was fitted into a motion capture suit and interacted with a real-time, interactive animation incorporating particle effects and animated meshes, video and music. The scene was created within Unreal Engine 4.


My Roles Included:

-  Concept and Development art and general Look Development of Project

-  Creation of particle Effects in Unreal Engine

- Development of project within Unreal including work using the Sequencer functions, Blueprints, etc.

-  On the day crew work such as assisting in setting up motion capture cameras, as well as work running the project from within the sound booth of the theatre.