3D Art

Proficient in:


Environmental Art

Screenshot from 'The Last Bison,' a solo game project, featuring a scene I designed and modelled all assets, lighting and layout for.

Screenshot from 'The Last Bison,' one of the opening scenes for the game.


Images and video above from 'Sensorland,' a VR game for the HTC Vive in which I was responsible for texturing of assets in Substance Painter, as well as coding of game mechanics within Unity using C#.

A final version of the park scene for Playconomics 2, in which scene i was responsible for all assets except for the people models, and the spring horse model.



Character Art


Dino Model


Modelled, Textured, Rigged and Animated within a day for the Global Game Jam 2018! My Jam team made a game about herding dinosaurs and I was responsible for character art and animation.

Goblin Model


Created in ZBrush and Textured using Substance Share materials in Substance Painter over the course of 3 days, this model was retopologised to a poly-count at which it could be used in a real time engine - intended for a future game project in Unity.

Bison Model


Part of my honours year game project involved the design, modelling, rigging and animating of a bison creature, on which the player was able to ride to explore the environment.

The bison model also featured a baby variation, used and animated for an end of game cutscene.


Fox Model


A project undertaken as a way to improve modelling, texturing, rigging and animating skills, as well as as a test with with implementing animations into Unity.


Amos :: Character model


A commissioned character model, delivered as a turntable.