In The Last Bison, enter an ancient civilisation that has been ravaged by some unknown tragedy - explore, and collect the clues to the lost story of this place, from the back of your trusty bison friend. 

The Last Bison is my final Honours Year project for university - I completed the entire project myself, including art, animation and coding. It was created in unity, with 3D assets made in Maya, Mudbox and Substance Painter. It was an invaluable exercise in seeing a project through to completion, and learning the basics of all aspects of a game development pipeline.


Download the Last Bison here



One of the centrepieces of the Last Bison was the Bison itself, which the player could ride to move faster throughout the world. The Bison's colour was randomised at the start of the game to give players a fresh experience every time, and it was complete with idle, walk and run animaitons.